Connecting Communities and Causes  with Music.

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Who We Are

Spare Change is a video series that uses music to unite businesses and communities in support of charity. The project began in February of 2017 on an unusually warm night in Pittsburgh. Founder Josh Corcoran was performing with a friend when they decided to take their music to the streets. They soon found themselves with a guitar case full of with money, and a gentlemen approached them asking for spare change. They proceeded to give him everything they had earned that night. Since that day, Josh, along with Taylor Mantick, Jared Stillman, and Allan Durand, have been documenting the journey of performing music to help those in need.

After their third episode, Spare Change was fortunate to win an Awesome Pittsburgh Grant, and went on to release eleven episodes, resulting in thousands of dollars raised for charity and more than 340,000 views. Along the way, they developed a process of recruiting businesses to support the cause 


How it Works

Each episode features Spare Change partnering with a new cause. We then work with the charity to recruit business sponsors for the video. Businesses donate directly to the charity in the form of a tax-deductible contribution. Sponsorship packages come in four tiers:


Spare Change and/or the Charity may accept in kind donations of goods or services that assist in making the video possible. Have an idea? Let us know!


At the conclusion of the episode, the business name will appear in the video as a "Thank You."


Spare Change will stop by your business during the episode and build the content around your company or product. 



Our Title Sponsorship. Your logo will appear within the first ten seconds of the episode staying "Spare Change: Presented by [Your Business]".


“Central to this idea is that it can be as easy as donating some spare change and just doing something positive in the lives of others”


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Crowd Giving

Each episode features Spare Change or their featured musician performing music for change. If you catch us on the street busking at or at a show, we'll have the Spare Change bucket in hand for you to make a donation that will go directly towards our featured nonprofit. Can't make it out to see us in real life? Each episode has a dedicated Spotfund link where you can donate to the cause.



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