ATV Paris


Day 1

Spent most of the day on the airplane and getting situated. Blake, Jared and I left yesterday evening from Pittsburgh then went our separate ways for the day. That did not stop us from enjoying a round of beers at my parents and dinner at the airport. We were on the same flight to Iceland but from there they went to Berlin and I went straight to Paris. I slept horribly on the flights except the last 2 hours of my second flight. I powered through because I was not able to check-in to the hostel before 16h00. I easily navigated the trains after my past experiences and will be doing the same again tomorrow to retrieve Blake and Jared from the airport so they do not get lost. The “Oops” Hostel is not right in the center of Paris but it is in a calm area with some nifty bars. The hostel itself is on the Avenue of Goblins and I ended up at this bar near the hostel near called The Gob and it is super nerdy and alternative with a bunch of Starwars and marvel decorations, punk rock music, and even a “deadpool” list that has celebrities’ names they think are going to die soon. Hugh Heffner made the list and was crossed out with the date of his death next to his name.

I then went to the small park at the metro stop called Place D’Italie to get some footage then moved on to the Sacre Coeur which overlooks the city. I spent an hour there capturing the sunset, listening to live music, and subsequently watching the police break the band up. The guy was playing and then stopped and said, “That’s all, because the police are here.” The officers just laughed and everyone went on their way. I returned to the hostel to relax, get footage off my phone, and get ready for the next day. I went out with my hostel mate Sergio also, it is his 22nd birthday tomorrow. He is travelling after finishing his hotel internship in Spain. Nice guy, loves soccer, and was very keen to point out that the US was not invited to the world cup this time around. I’d get that dig in every chance I get.


Day 2

Blake and Jared missed their flight today. Was not surprised, they are currently on an overnight bus and will be arriving in Paris at 7:30 AM tomorrow. I spent the day wandering around to different sites such as the Pantheon, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc De Triomphe and some other notable places in Paris. The weather was perfect and I did so much walking.

The Champs Elysee Avenue was way longer than I thought but there was also a lot of people on it shopping so that was cool to see. I had decided I was going to have a beer at the bigger notable locations but I had forgotten a bottle opener so my new thing will be pretending to have beers at all these notable locations. I found kebab for lunch so I was thrilled, as well as a bottle opener after I got back to the Hostel. Overall, a relaxed and easy day. Tomorrow will be filled with some more fun hopefully.



Day 3

Today did not disappoint. Once I got to the bus station and retrieved Blake and Jared the jokes were in full swing. We got back to the hostel just in time for breakfast. It turned out my watch was an hour behind the entire time I have been here so that was a good thing to learn today and not tomorrow when I would have been missing my flight. We got settled and realized that the local high school was right across from our window. I proceeded to climb over the railing and hang for a few seconds. I distracted some kids who then got scolded by their teacher. We found this extremely funny for no apparent reason. We messed with them a little more then headed off to get wine and beer to take site seeing with us. We went to the catacombs and were not allowed in due to having alcohol. So do not bring alcohol opened or closed to tourist sites that you are planning to enter. We then went to Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and Louvre. Yes, we saw the Mona Lisa. We went back to the Eiffel Tower at night to go to the second floor which was cool. Make sure to reserve your tickets online for the Eiffel Tower before you go, the wait is horrible if you don’t.  Throughout the day we were hopping off and on subways, exploring everything we wanted to see, and eating kebab. We rounded everything out with beer, cigars, and kebab before I headed off to spend the night in the airport for an early morning flight to Norway!


Check out the panoramic shots here


Full video: stay tuned