Episode 10 Day 1


Hey Crew!


Today we went out and started filming our 10th Episode of Spare Change. The weather was perfect and was also the first truly fall morning we had this year. We successfully filmed half of the Episode today focusing on our charity throughout the morning at the University of Pittsburgh Greensburg Campus. The University hosted a walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) which focuses on finding a cure for type I diabetes. There was a huge turnout from local families there to support the JDRF and their children diagnosed with type I diabetes. Josh's friend Jon Reese was there and highly acknowledged by the organization for his time and dedication to the cause. His daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and his daughters team for the walk was the largest there! There were also tons of volunteers from the college. The community really came together to provide food and drink to the people attending the walk. Afterwards we headed into the city to get some footage of the Greensburg Courthouse and stop for lunch at Hugo's Taproom where we enjoyed their gourmet hot dogs complimented by their always changing craft beer selection. We enjoyed a nice team meeting, officiated by Cookie the bull dog whom is a staple at Hugo's Taproom and finished the afternoon with a quick bike ride. The Flat Tire Co. Bike Shop lent us wheels and we took to the trail for a brisk ride as the day began to warm up. Special thanks to Jessica Hickey whom owns BIA Creative which organizes Greensburg Craft Beer Week through the Downtown Greensburg Project. Jessica arranged our outreach with local businesses who are helping the JDRF through sponsoring Episode 10 with T-shirt Sales to support JDRF donations! In two weeks we will be partaking in the festivities and taking out the Spare Change bucket to raise money for JDRF the old-fashioned way!