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Change Makers 1: Amanda

Hey Crew,

Welcome to our fist installment of Change Makers, where we spotlight those in the community finding unique ways to spread positivity. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Crick and learning about her connection with the BlackburnCenter.

Amanda WAS getting married on October 13th. Don’t worry, it is still congratulations to the happy bride to have been! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Amanda had to cancel her wedding but decided to re-purpose it into a new beginning for herself, family, and friends. It will also be a special event benefiting the BlackburnCenter as a way of saying “Thank you” to them for all of their help to herself and others.

1 in 3 Woman and 1 in 4 Men are Victims of Violence by an Intimate Partner.

Amanda has been using the services of the BlackburnCenter recently to help her through some difficult times and is seeing amazing progress through all the services that they offer and she has chosen to take advantage of. This support system has enabled her to be vocal about what she had been through. Her courage to come forward has inspired others to do the same, and seek help for their situation, while realizing they are not alone.

The BlackburnCenter has been providing services to victims of domestic and sexual violence since 1976. Based in Greensburg, they primarily service the area of Westmoreland County providing multiple different types of service at No Cost to all women, children, and men.

  • 24 Hour Hotline

  • Counseling and Therapy

  • Accompaniment to Trials and Emergency Room

  • A Shelter

On top of the multiple services offered directly to their clients, they also provide education in the community by using school partnerships, professional training, and community events. BlackburnCenter believes in making a difference through social transformation with a focus on the root cause of gender violence using primary prevention efforts.

There are multiple ways to support BlackburnCenter.