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Let’s Get Consistent!

Josh, Allan, and Jared stop to take a photo in PPG Place while filming at the 2018 Rock Reggae Relief event in Pittsburgh, PA. Summer of 2018.

Let’s Get Consistent!

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about is, our audience— people that watch Spare Change regularly and those that are excited when we release a new episode. I don’t feel that we make it very easy to be a fan of Spare Change. Don’t get me wrong, I think we have an incredible support base around us. It’s just very difficult to know when we have a new video being released. We’re going to try to make that easier for everyone as we look into 2019.

How are we going to make this easier?

The first thing we are going to focus on is a more predictable release schedule. I think it would be awesome for episodes to premiere every 2-3 weeks, to provide a standard fundraising and promotional schedule. A big part of what we do is helping nonprofits create fundraising campaigns around our videos. Chances are, being featured in Spare Change will a unique opportunity for them. In addition to telling a great story and helping people understand why this cause is worthy of being supported, we also help these charities understand how they can best use the video and the campaign to drive donations from already established donors.

This is something we definitely need to get better at. Most of these charities plan their campaigns months in advance. We are coming in and dropping  a fundraising opportunity in their laps with little to no notice. Fortunately, all of them have been more than happy to receive our support, but I think we can optimize the outcome if we plan the campaign together. This way, they can gather all of their resources to promote and share the video. We’re always hoping to create a win-win-win scenario between the bands, the nonprofit, and you.

Spare Change watch party at Yellow Bridge Brewing Company in Delmont, PA.

For an audience, it’s more convenient to plan ahead and know there’s a new video being released that they can watch. If I was a fan of a TV show but never knew when an episode was coming out, it would be hard to stay engaged. We also had many inconsistencies in the supporting content for episodes.  There was a patchwork of supporting videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube that varied from episode to episode. This makes it difficult to track the benefit of this supporting content because we don’t know if it was a result of the episode itself being very good or everything around it that promoted interest. Lastly, it’s not fair to the charities and bands if we have different approaches to each episode. They should know what to expect so we all can plan together.

This is just me being honest and very very critical. I think we’ve done a lot of great things with the time we have available. All of us have full-time jobs so time management is challenging, but we’re at the stage where consistency can help us move to the next level.

Long story short: you won’t see much in terms of episodes this Spring and Summer of 2019, but this is by design. We are so excited to be releasing a full season this fall in the way that it always should have been. We hope to take you further into the lives of these bands, their music, their stories, while highlighting some amazing local and national charities that really deserve your attention and your spare change.

We hope that by making these changes to become a more convenient and consistent form of media and entertainment that you will continue to be a fan and that more people will become fans as well.