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I spent the weekend up in Toronto with another member of Spare Change, Jared. It was a quick, up and back, trip but it was definitely worth the time spent in the car. Jared made it out easy since I drove both ways. 

This was the first time I had a camera person for an ATV Episode and it was a totally different experience. I was not worried about filming the entire time so was able to focus a bit more on what I was doing and Jared has a lot of nifty gadgets to complement the filming process. He is also an artist with his phone. This ATV will have smooth time lapses and scenes thanks to his gimble and will also feature some really great drone shots, which I am never able to provide despite how much Red Bull I may drink. 

What did we get into though?

We set out Friday afternoon and arrived by 21h00. We stopped by the Phi Gamma Delta- Fiji, House at the University of Toronto. My friend Alex is a brother and ex-president of the Chapter so we had a place to park while we were in the city and I knew a few of the other brothers. We were greeted by Muhammad who took us to The Madison, a bar up the street situated in a massive house.  

Burgers and beers were definitely needed after the 6 hour drive up! We spent the evening explaining Spare Change, catching up with Muhammad and enjoying a few pints of Molson.

Afterwards we headed to our Hotel where there was no parking on site without the valet. I naturally asked where to go park and was directed to the "Green P two minutes down the road on the right." This was extremely confusing but I decided I was just going to give it a try. As I was driving looking for a sign that said "Green Pea" or something close. I saw something that gave me an epiphany about a minute later. It was a giant green parking sign with a P in it.

It was almost too simple to have made sense. We turned in for the night and started out the next day with breakfast at the hotel. Standard arrangement of some hot food, cereal, coffee, yogurt, bagels, fruit. It hit the spot and set us up for success to take on the day which was full of adventure.

We decided that we would do the CityPass. The CityPass is a booklet of tickets to top attractions in a city for a discounted price and is available in multiple cities in America as well as Toronto. I highly recommend that people traveling look at their website to see if a CityPass is offered in the city you are visiting. 

The first stop for us was Casa Loma where we purchased the City Pass and entered. It happened to be a Family Day Weekend and there were tons of different activities throughout the Castle for us to watch or participate in while we explored. We watched an aerialist, played life size connect 4, and made our way downstairs to go see the antique car exhibit in the old stable. What we did not expect was the stable to be filled with tons of blow up games for Family Day Weekend. They had basketball, hockey puck shooting, and corn hole to name a few. We had a good time trying everything out and the coolest part was the underground tunnel that we had to walk to get there (pictured below)

We headed out for our second stop at the Royal Ontario Museum which is quite similar to the Carnegie Museum at home in Pittsburgh but with a few different exhibits. They boasted an impressive Chinese and Vikings exhibit as well as had a group of African Drummers performing in the foyer. 

We had worked up quite an appetite by this point and needed to stop for some of that all you can eat sushi that is found in so many places through out Toronto. We ate probably 7 or 8 rolls between the two of us. 

We flew the drone around Fiji and scored an awesome shot of the Toronto skyline and then braved the subway to go see Ripleys Aquarium and the CN Tower. The Aquarium was massive and as you get to the bottom there is a moving walkway that takes you through a tunnel underneath multiple different fish, also sharks, which lasts about 10 minutes! We headed next door to the CN Tower after we were done walking through the Aquarium. 

The CN Tower offered an amazing view of the city and we fortunately did not have a very long wait to get up or down from the observation deck. The sun was just setting while we were up top and watching the traffic start to light up was relaxing to watch. At this point we had more than enough footage and had been filming for nearly 12 hours at this point. 

We called it quits and headed back to Fiji, on the wrong train. Sorry Jared, my mistake. It took us about an hour but I rectified the situation and got us back. We spent the night having Irish car bombs, eating wings, and listening to live Reggae music.

That was not enough for us though as we enjoyed wine and pizza in the hotel room before sleeping in and heading home through Niagara Falls. Thanks for reading and watching (in the future) from Jared and I! 


Full video: stay tuned