Episode 1

About the Episode

I found myself in between jobs in February of 2017. Because of this, my days were spent sending literally hundreds of copies of my resume. Wanting to blow off some steam, I began using my nights to perform music.

My friend Pete and I took advantage of an opportunity to perform a few songs at an open mic night in a bar on Pittsburgh's historic Carson Street in the Southside. Once our set ended, not wanting the fun to end, we took advantage of a warm February night and began performing to passerby. 

Soon, we found ourselves with money in my guitar case when a gentleman approached us asking for Spare Change. Almost instinctively, we gave him all of the money we earned. His reaction inspired us to see who else we could help, and that is when I began filming the night on my phone. 

About the Cause

Not much to say here. Just people on the street we met that we thought we could lend a hand. I am a former professional musician and Pete is one of the best drummers I've ever had the privilege to play with, so we were fortunate to be able to help draw a bit of a crowd for Kalie (the girl at the end) and the gentlemen we met outside of Mario's who were hoping that people would give them some change.

The first gentleman (not on film) who approached us was young; maybe a few years younger than us. He said he was traveling and needed money to help him reach his destination. Pretty incredible that he sent us in a new direction as well.

About the Music

Being inspired by the work of videographer David Rock, who handles filming duties for entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, I began my search for music by seeing what music they used for their DailyVee Vlog Series. After watching through some of my favorite episodes, I found music listed with the SOULECTION tag and searched for additional songs in the collection.

After some time listening to tracks, I landed on Ventilate by PYRMDPALZA and knew instantly that I found the right track. I love how it picks up right as the action starts.