Episode 2

"Stand by Me"

About the Episode

After night one, we realized we had an opportunity to make an impact by playing music to help people in need. We decided the best thing we could do would be to head back on on the streets and see if we could do it again. We began our night in Pittsburgh's South Side, but about after an hour of performing, we had little to show for it. We decided to head to Shadyside to see if we'd have better luck. What happened next completely caught us off guard.

About the Cause

The gentleman who sang with us said he was a paster at a local church, so we decided that the best thing we could do would be to give him the money we raised. After the first night, we were wondering if the money would only go towards homeless people, but Episode 2 showed us we could impact others along the way.

About the Music

Both of these songs were the result of searching around Soundcloud for the right vibe. I really dig "Structure and Rebuilt" because it is sort of a reggae flip of the Doors' "Light my Fire." I really enjoy reggae music, so I was happy to have that genre appear early in the Spare Change cannon. "Wait a Minute" by SAFAKASH just sounds like that night felt. We were happy to have finally ran into people on the street, and to our surprise, one of the guys who were in the "audience" was Allan, who is now an official part of our crew.