Episode 3

"Can Yinz Spare a Buck"?

About the Episode

Finally getting some warm weather, we decided to take back to the street in Pittsburgh's historic Strip District. We ran into a homeless lady named Janet and asked her if we could help her raise some money. She was reluctant at first because she thought we'd have to split the money three ways. It wasn't long before she realized we were only trying to help. Crazy fact: we received a message on Facebook weeks later from a member of Janet's family saying we shouldn't have given her money. To us, it wasn't about the cash but rather having a genuine, human moment with a person who would probably otherwise not receive that. After a few hours on the street, we hit up the Beer Hive for a quick pit stop. This was only because we wanted a beer, but when we released this episode, we were fortunate that the business shared the video. This is how we realized that businesses might partner with us to create this content. Another happy accident.

We soon remembered there was a Penguins game, so we headed that direction to perform. We ran into three students from the University of Pittsburgh who were fundraising for the Education Partnership, a nonprofit that uses funds raised to help teachers buy school supplies. We started to perform with them to help them draw more attention, and just like that we had our first unofficial partnership with a charity. 

About the Cause: The Education Partnership

ed partnership logo.png

The Education Partnership is a Pittsburgh non profit organization that uses donations from charitable partners and help from volunteers of Pittsburgh and beyond to benefit children's education by providing local underserved students with free school supplies.

If you'd like to donate to the cause, please click here. Thank you!

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About the Music

The opening of Episode 3, with Reap Youngin's "TYIM" is maybe my favorite opening to any Spare Change episode. It was the first time we incorporated drone footage into the episode and, along with the booming rap music, just made for this epic introduction. Flamingosis' Finesse kept our streak with using the 'chill hop' genre going, and there's just something about the way "Let's Stay Together" by William Bolton feels when you see us partner up with the Pitt students to raise money. William Bolton had some type of "text me" option on his website, so I actually used this to reach out and get permission to use his track. This was the first time I made contact with a musician about Spare Change.