Episode 4

"Awesome Pitch-Burgh"

About the Episode

Following our second video, I started searching online for people or groups that might help us grow this Spare Change movement. Luckily, I stumbled across a group called Awesome Pittsburgh, which awards $1,000 grants to great ideas in the Pittsburgh Community.

On a whim, I submitted Spare Change. To my surprise, we were invited to compete in the March pitch competition. While I thought we would have a tough time winning, I figured by filming it we could at least get a great episode out of the adventure. 

About the Cause

After the last group presented their pitch, I pulled Pete aside (Jared was filming) and said if we win this thing we should donate $100 to each of the other groups competing for the prize. After all, that would be the most Spare Change thing to do. 

About the Music

I found the opening track by an artist named Derlee. To my surprise, he is actually from Pittsburgh, so be sure to check out his music. The second song that plays when the music begins to swell is actually pulled straight from one of my favorite Gary Vaynerchuk videos "A 5 minute Plea to Do," and there is really no other song that pumps me up this much!