How to Share Your Apple Music Playlist with Friends

You can share your Apple Music playlists with your friends very easily. Here’s how!

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Introduction: Why share your playlist?

Apple Music is a great way to enjoy your music collection with friends and family. You can create custom playlists for specific occasions, share them with other Apple Music users, and even follow other users’ playlists. Here’s how to share your Apple Music playlist with friends.

What is Apple Music and how does it work?

Apple Music is a streaming service that allows you to listen to over 50 million songs. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. With an Apple Music subscription, you can access millions of songs, curated playlists,1 and music recommendations.

How to create an Apple Music playlist

If you use Apple Music, you can create playlists with your favorite songs. You can also share your playlists with friends. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open iTunes on your computer.
2. Click on “Library” in the navigation pane.
3. Click on “Music” in the top menu bar.
4. Click on the “Playlists” tab in the main window.
5. Click the “+” icon to create a new playlist.
6. Enter a name for your playlist and click “OK.”
7. Drag and drop songs into your playlist from your music library.
8. To share your playlist, click on the “Share” button and choose how you want to share it (via email, social media, etc.).

How to share your playlist with friends

To share your playlist with friends, open the playlist and click the Share button . Choose how you want to share the playlist:

-Copy the link and paste it into an email or text message. Your friends can open the link in Apple Music and listen to the playlist.
-Share on Facebook or Twitter. Anyone who clicks your link can listen to the playlist.
-AirDrop the playlist to a friend’s device.

What if your friends don’t have Apple Music?

If your friends don’t have Apple Music, you can still share your playlists with them. You can either share a link to your playlist or export your playlist and send it to them as a file.

Tips for creating a great playlist

When you create a new playlist in Apple Music, you have the option to share it with your friends. Here are a few tips for creating a great playlist that your friends will love:

-Choose a catchy name for your playlist. A good name will help it stand out from the crowd.
-Pick a theme for your playlist. Whether it’s a specific genre, artist, or type of music, having a theme will make your playlist more enjoyable to listen to.
-Include a mix of old and new songs. A good mix of familiar and new tunes will keep your friends engaged.
-Add some personal touches. If you have any personal stories or anecdotes about the songs on your playlist, be sure to include them in the description.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great playlist that your friends will love.


Now that you know how to share your Apple Music playlist with friends, it’s time to start building those perfect playlists for your next party or road trip. With a little bit of planning, you can create the perfect soundtrack for any situation. And don’t forget to share your favorite tips and tricks for using Apple Music in the comments below.

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