What Is Synthwave Music?

Synthwave is a genre of electronic music that draws its inspiration from the music of the 1980s. It typically features synthesizers and drum machines, and often has a retro feel.

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Introduction to Synthwave Music

Synthwave music is a style of electronic music that combines elements of 1980s disco, new wave, and synth-pop with a modern production style. The genre first emerged in the early 2010s, and by the mid-2010s, had become a well-established subgenre of electronic music.

The sound of synthwave music is typically characterized by synth pads, arpeggios, and 80s-style drum beats, as well as heavily processed or “emulated” vocals. The style often incorporates film score elements, and many synthwave tracks have an epic, “cinematic” feel.

Synthwave music is often nostalgia-inducing, evoking feelings of nostalgia for the 1980s. However, it should not be confused with retro wave or vaporwave music, which are also styles of electronic music with 80s influences.

If you’re interested in hearing some synthwave music, check out the following artists: Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Danger, Tokyo Rose, Dystopian Society, and Dan Terminus.

The Origins of Synthwave Music

Synthwave music is a style of electronic music that draws inspiration from the sounds and aesthetics of 1980s pop culture, specifically the early days of synthesizer-based music and movies. The style was pioneered in the mid-2000s by a handful of independent artists working outside the mainstream music industry, and it has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon with a dedicated following among fans of vintage synthesizers, sci-fi movies, and video games.

The Sound of Synthwave Music

Popular in the 1980s, synthwave music is a genre that combines electronic music with retro influences. The sound is often associated with science fiction, video games, and horror movies.

The Visuals of Synthwave Music

Synthwave music is a genre that combines electronic music with 1980s nostalgia. The term was coined in the early 2010s, and the genre has been growing in popularity ever since.

Synthwave music is often characterized by its retro-futuristic aesthetic, which includes flashy visuals, neon lights, and synthesized sounds. This aesthetic is inspired by the sci-fi and horror movies of the 1980s, as well as video games and cartoons from that era.

In addition to its visual elements, synthwave music often features themes of escapism and nostalgia. Many synthwave artists have said that they make music to transport listeners back to simpler times, when life was less complicated and the future seemed bright.

If you’re interested in exploring synthwave music, there are plenty of artists worth checking out. Some of the most popular synthwave artists include Kavinsky, Carpenter Brut, and Perturbator.

The Culture of Synthwave Music

The sound of synthwave has been described as “the feeling of driving down a California highway at sunset in a DeLorean DMC-12 with the windows down and the stereo playing ‘The Touch’ by Stan Bush.” The genre is heavily inspired by 1980s culture, cinema, and video games, and its goal is to evoke the feeling of that decade.

Synthwave music is generally made with synthesizers and drum machines, often with an 1980s aesthetic. The genre’s main influences are French electronic duo Justice, American musician Kavinsky, and Italian composer goblin. These artists were among the first to popularize the genre in the 2000s.

The culture of synthwave is based around nostalgia for the 1980s. This can manifest itself in many ways, such as an affection for synthesizers, drum machines, and other musical equipment from that era; a love of 80s popular culture, including movies, TV shows, and video games; or a more general sense of nostalgia for the decade.

While synthwave music has been around for over a decade, it has only recently begun to achieve mainstream popularity. In 2018, synthwave artist College released his song “A Real Hero” which was featured in the film Baby Driver. The song helped to bring synthwave to a wider audience and increase its popularity.

The Future of Synthwave Music

Synthwave music is a style of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that is heavily influenced by the sounds of 1980s film, video game, and television music. The genre generally features a mixture of synth-based instruments and retro-style beats, often with a heavy emphasis on melody and atmosphere.

Synthwave music first emerged in the early 2000s, but the style began to gain popularity in the 2010s thanks to a resurgence in the popularity of 1980s culture. The genre has been championed by a number of high-profile producers and DJs, including Kavinsky, College, and Carpenter Brut.

Despite its relatively short history, synthwave music has already begun to branch out into a number of subgenres and related styles. These include outrun, Retrowave, future funk, cyberpunk, dark synthwave, and dreamwave.

Why Synthwave Music is Important

synthwave music is a type of electronic music that is created using synthesizers and drum machines. The style emerged in the early 1980s and has been used in various films and video games over the years. Synthwave music often has a nostalgic or futuristic feel to it, and can be either upbeat or dark in tone. The genre has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of Stranger Things and other 1980s-inspired media.

How to get into Synthwave Music

Synthwave music is a style of electronic music that combines elements of 80s disco, pop, and synth-pop with a more modern production style. The result is a sound that is both retro and contemporary, often with a feeling of nostalgia for the 80s.

If you’re interested in getting into synthwave music, there are a few things you should know. First, synthwave is often based on a 4/4 time signature, so it can be easy to dance to. Second, synthwave often has a lot of energy and drive, so it can be perfect for working out or getting things done. Finally, synthwave often has catchier melodies and hooks than other styles of electronic music, so it’s easy to get hooked on specific songs.

To get started listening to synthwave music, we recommend checking out the following artists:

The 1980s:
-Mitch Murder
-Power Glove
-Com Truise

10 Best Synthwave Songs

Synthwave is a genre of electronic music that draws heavily from the sound, atmosphere and visual style of 1980s films and video games. The term “synthwave” is a portmanteau of “synth” and “new wave,” two musical styles that were popular in the 1980s. The genre was pioneered by French musician Jean-Michel Jarre in the early 1980s, and grew in popularity throughout the decade with the rise of electronic dance music. By the 2010s, synthwave had become a popular subgenre of electronic music, with a growing international community of musicians and fans.

The synthwave sound is typically characterized by its use of synthesizers, drum machines and power chords. Synthwave songs often have a retrofuturistic or dystopian feel, evoking images of neon-lit cityscapes, sci-fi landscapes and futuristic technologies. The genre often incorporates elements of other musical styles such as pop, rock and lounge music.

Synthwave artists often paint visual images that evoke the style and atmosphere of 1980s films, video games and cartoons. These visuals are often created with retrofuturistic or dystopian themes in mind. Synthwave album covers often feature neon-lit cityscapes, sci-fi landscapes and futuristic technologies.

The 10 best synthwave songs are:
1) “Oblivion” by Carpenter Brut
2) “Road Blaster” by Makeup & Vanity Set
3) “A Secret Place” by Perturbator
4) “Turbo Killer” by Carpenter Brut
5) “Last Race” by Power Glove
6) “Dynamo” by Dance With The Dead
7) “You Can’t Hide” by Miami Nights 1984
8) “Escape from Midwich Valley” by S U R V I V E
9) “Running from the Dawn” by Highway Superstar
10) “To Serve Man” by Dan Terminus

5 Synthwave Artists to Check Out

Synthwave is a genre of electronic music that draws influence from the sounds of 1980s films and video games. The genre typically features synthesizer-heavy music with retro aesthetic elements, often resulting in a nostalgic or futuristic feel.

If you’re new to synthwave, here are 5 artists you should check out:

1. Perturbator
2. Carpenter Brut
3. Dance with the Dead
4. Miami Nights 1984
5. Powerglove

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